Good Audio is an Art.

Our Compact Range loudspeakers have been designed, developed and engineered with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they are capable of the same sonic characteristics of our large format systems.

Compact Range

Funktion-One sound in a range of compact formats.


Extraordinarily powerful bass speakers.

Dance Stack

State-of-the-art series

Evolution is the ultimate point source loudspeaker range, with unrivalled performance and flexibility within the range to design sound systems for a very wide range of applications - both install and live.


High output, directivity and intelligibility.

Public Address

Combining lightweight design, clarity and intelligibility.

Resolution Series

Application spanning, Funktion-One audio performance.

This is a big show, full bodied, vertically arrayable sound system.


Next level performance in a vertically arrayable format.

Monitor Range

A revolution in stage sound.


Amplification, processing and control designed by Funktion-One.